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Positive stories

The formidable Queen Mothers of Ghana
Queen Mothers are traditional female leaders, drawn from the relevant royal lineages, who are mostly responsible for women's and children's issues. Click here to see the interactive report

“Tokten – Rapatrie les Savoirs maliens”
The Malian University of Bamako is calling on the expertise of its diaspora to help reinforce and develop its scientific research and its educational system. Cliquez ici pour regarder la video. (16 minutes)
Tokten - Mali 2006

“Adugna – A shared Gift”
The moving story of Adugna, Ethiopia’s biggest contemporary dance company which has transformed street children into professional dancers.
Ethiopia and Paris 2004 - Click here to watch an extract of the video

"Beacon of Hope"
From life in the street to studies at university, an amazing achievement and life transformation for Patricia, one of the hundreds of children supported by Youth Alive in northern Ghana. Thanks to the dedicated work of this organisation many marginalised children, often forced to scavenge for food to survive, have been given the opportunity to learn a trade or go to school and in the long term a chance to support their own families and communities. Click here to watch an extract of the video

The Spice of Savannah
25 minute documentary on the exploitation of the Dawadawa tree in the northern part of Ghana as a useful source of income for the local communities.
Screened at FESPACO

Radio programmes written and produced by children and for children
Celebrating 50 years of the transistor radio with global children’s rights projects – “Je suis enfant mais j’ai aussi mes droits”
Plan International
Guinea West Africa 2004
Click here to watch the video

HIV/AIDS- the work of the community support groups
Malawi and Kenya 2005
Plan International

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