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Film is a powerful tool for advocacy

Film Africa specialises in running participatory training projects in film production. The participatory techniques empower marginalised groups to tell their stories and advocate through film.

The film makers have been running successful participatory projects in Ghana and in Zambia, working in collaboration with the NGO CAMFED International.

Groups of about twenty women and young girls have been trained in film production and advocacy work. Overcoming rural poverty, lack of education and disability the women have learned how to use cameras and make films so they can tell their own stories. They are now powerful advocates as they screen their films around their communities and beyond.

Films produced by the Learning Circle Women

The Broken Promise
- Click here to see video extract (5 minutes)
Selected and screened at FESPACO 2005

Wahala - Click here to see video extract (3 minutes)
Selected and screened at FESPACO 2005

Selected and screened at FESPACO 2005

Screened at FESPACO 2007

Guide Children"
Screened at FESPACO 2007
Blind beggars on the busy streets of Tamale, northern Ghana are sadly a very familiar feature. Most of them became blind through poverty or ignorance as they could not get treated on time. They cannot move without being guided all day by children. But should their disability loom the future of those innocent children who should be in school?


Films produced by the Samfya Women Film maker Group

Nasanga Inshila” – “The Way Back ”

“Nasanga Inshila” is the powerful story of Penelop, a young AID orphan from northern Zambia. Initially engaged into prostitution in order to survive, Penlop, shows great determination and courage as she eventually manages to leave prostitution and go back to school.

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